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Thread: Sienna not well

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    Seeing the meds working for both issues!!!!!

    Sending you pug hugs!
    Shayna Pugs
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    Ouch . It is painful.
    Can you see a pet eye dr .?
    I have holes in my eyes to prevent glaucoma . I got genetic narrow angles. I doubt they do this for dogs .
    Hopefully the meds work .

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    I hope the meds kick in soon and the poor girl feels better. It’s so hard when our babies are hurting.
    Mom to Lolli and Murphy
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    You are such a good mom. Prayers that the meds will help.

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    Sending along more hugs! I hope Sienna's issues can be resolved & she will be feeling much better soon!

    Rugby 7/10/02 - 9/28/15 Miss you, little girl! You're always in my heart!

    Molly DOB: 7/6/04

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    Thank you for the prayers. I'm still in shock over the glaucoma. I could see her eye bulging a bit. Wow, the pressure must be pretty bad for it to do that.

    Had a bad night last night. I have to sleep in the bed 4h for the bipap, but after we came in the living room as it's cooler in there. (I don't let her wander the house at night.) I put her on the couch and I sleep sitting up next to her. I have a soft leather chest which is seat height to the couch, so I put her water dish on that so she can get to it. Don't know exactly what happened, except it seemed like her legs went out from under her. She tipped the water dish right up in her face and got her whole head wet and some of the couch. I moved her to a dry place on the couch and used a towel to try and dry her face and ears off. Poor thing hates water (except for drinking)...she hates getting wet.

    And the tests from the kidneys haven't come back yet.

    LilyFayre and Darwin are going through their own eye nightmare, too. Wishing them the very best.

    GordonBrunoPugMom, I hope you don't lose your vision to Glaucoma and you can see well enough to do whatever you enjoy in life. I've never heard of the "hole" thing, but I'm glad that it seems to work. The paper they gave for Sienna describing Glaucoma said that in humans it felt like a bad headache. From you comment, it sure doesn't seem like it's just a headache ache.
    Sienna's Pictures and Bio - I love you, baby girl!

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    I'm so sorry it's glaucoma, but I'm glad you have a definitive answer now and the proper treatment plan. I hope the med's work well and work quickly for her. Sending a great big hug to you and a gentle cuddle for Sienna. You are a great pug mom and Sienna knows you are always going to take care of her.
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    I hope the meds kick in soon and her eye is okay! Poor girl!

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    I'm sorry to hear poor Sienna has so many things going on. I'm praying that she can feel better and enjoy life more

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    You must be feeling totally exhausted from worrying about Sienna - try to rest up a bit now!

    Really hope that the medications work to help Sienna now.

    As for Darwin, probably just like Sienna, he's getting all the best treats because of his poorly eye, and is now feeling very mellow and snoozing under the influence of the Meloxaid!
    Bree, Xanthe and Darwin

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