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Thread: For my MOM

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    DefaultFor my MOM

    Mom has gone downhill quickly in the last 3 wks. She is falling....depressed...etc!!! Last night, my BIL had to pick her up from the floor!

    She lives downstairs from my sister. She and her hubby are doing so much for her....... Mom kept insisting that all was well!!!! ain't! Karen has been busy with mom...and on the phone. They went to visit an Assisted Living place on Monday and put down a deposit. Couldn't get an appt with her Dr. to fill out forms until next week and then there would be a nurse eval. Since she fell again last night.....they called and are getting her in to see a different Dr. in the practice this afternoon......and hopefully will be seeing the nurse before Fri. Once her TB test is read (getting that today) she can move in! So, if all goes well....she'll be moved this weekend.

    She's very ready to go as she's afraid to be alone and doesn't want my sister sitting home all the time! She's been staying in bed a lot due to being afraid and depressed. Hoping that the move to the new place...with people her age around her...and help 24/7 will get her moving more and happier!

    Please see her NOT hurting herself badly if she falls. See the appts going well.....and a smooth transition for her!!!

    Mom is not always pleasant as this is going on. I get it on the phone...but my sister gets it much more often and in person. Please see my sister strong.....and feeling no guilt as she's doing what must be done to keep mom safe!

    Thank you!
    Shayna Pugs
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    I understand the situation all too well. I'm an only child and had to provide care and then decide on assisted living for my Mother. There is always guilt but we do what we have to do to make sure our parents are safe and receive the care they need. I will be praying for your Mom, you, your sister and family.
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    I hope all goes well for your mom moving into the new living situation. It will give you all some peace of mind. Big adjustment for everyone.

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    Really hoping that things go well for your mum and she will be happy in her new home
    Bree, Xanthe and Darwin

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    So sorry to hear that she has been falling recently and is feeling depressed. Sending loads of positive vibes for the move to go smoothly. I hope she adjusts quickly and is happy in the new home.

    Thinking of you and your sister, too. This would be stressful at any time, but COVID makes everything more difficult, scary and stressful. Sending some good vibes to your sis for strength and comfort.
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    Sending positive thoughts that all goes well with the transition for your Mom.
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    I understand, my mom is 89 and lives on her own, I'm the only child, so I'm over there 4-6 X week for something
    Praying your mom can adjust, likes it there and doesn't have any broken bones!

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    Prayers for your mom and all of you.
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    Thinking of you and praying for strength for you , your Sister , your mom and the families. It is not easy .

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    Mom is not always pleasant as this is going on. I get it on the phone...but my sister gets it much more often and in person. Please see my sister strong.....and feeling no guilt as she's doing what must be done to keep mom safe!
    I will keep your mom in my prayers, show your sister as much support as possible, I was the one who got it from my mom, it is something I will never get over, I pray I never get mean.
    Susan, mom to Scruffy, Bo and Maggie Mae

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