Temperature Dropings
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Thread: Temperature Dropings

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    Default Temperature Dropings

    My girl is at 100.1 degrees F right now, will it continue to slowly drop? Or could it be rapidly? Shes about day 55 right now, she hasn't squirted out milk yet and she seems fine. Once her temperature gets to about 98 degrees she will give birth with in 24 hours correct?

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    Have you read any books? Talked to your vet???

    The temp can go up and down. From day 58 ...you take temps every 4 hrs.......SHOULD drop to 98 and stay low for 2 readings. Some say it goes down and then rises??? I've never had that! (Isis never dropped below 99.2) If she starts digging that's a sign of beginning labor too. Usually within 24 hrs....but if some pugs dont go into contractions and need emergency sections...or a puppy gets stuck....So if there are any signs...call you vet to put him/her on alert! Hopefully, they'll come in if there's a problem. If not.....make sure you have also contacted the nearest ER and get her there. While many do natural with pugs.....I don't! My first was gonna be...but had a puppy across the birth canal! She went through labor......huffing and puffing all Tuesday and Tuesday night.......Contractions at 12 Wed.....nothing by 3 so emergency section. She was exhausted and so was I!! I didn't sleep til a friend came on Fri as my Solo was so small he needed to be tubed and I was a nervous wreck! The vet also lost a healthy pup by cutting the cord too short! I found a repro vet, but it's a distance.....so I do progesterone testing and know when babies are full term and do planned sections. Mom is less tired and so am I. Isis did have 2 naturally and then had to have a section for the other 3! She went 3 days earlier than the section was planned!

    Milk doesn't squirt out. If you milk the nipple, sometimes milk will come out. Some girls don't get any til they deliver. Some get it a week or so before.....then you have to watch out for mastitis. Don't play with it too much......first milk is the colostrum and is important for the puppies!

    Good luck!
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