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    Wow is all I can say. I posted alittle while ago and it had to do with thinking of breeding my pug girl,But not after reading all of the posts.I thought it would be so great to have another one like my baby girl.But just reading the ones who had all pups lost and all of the things that could go wrong.That is something I will really have to think aboutit and really do reserch.
    Thank you for the insight......

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    Hi all,

    I was gobsmacked by the fact that in the US people tell others off for buying a pug from a breeder. Let me explain...

    In Poland pugs still aren't that popular (thank God, cause once the breed becomes popular, dogs are bought as Christmas gifts and later dumped in the shelters). Thus, for most people there are two options: either buy a pug with a pedigree registration certificate from a reputable breeder or buy a non-certificate pug. It's rare to find a pug in a shelter.

    Our Polish forums are run by breeders accompanied by fellow pug freaks. All forums have a thread with account numbers (our account is called 'the pug sock'), thus money is collected until we get info of a rescue pug in need. Then medical bills and shelter payments are made and we start the adoption procedure. In the case of our country we first try to find temporary homes as the conditions in shelters are a far cry from those in US shelters and it's not always easy to find new moms and dads quickly. It's not because people don't want to adopt. Not many of them know how to deal with a sick pug, and most of the shelter ones require medical attention.

    Breeding is still a money-making machine in Poland. Most of the rescue pugs are the non-certificate ones. Bitches are bred to the point of physical exhaustion, money's made (non-certificate pups are comparatively cheap and almost everybody can afford them, thus the market's expanding). Then the moms are sold on allegro (Polish e-bay) or dumped in the street.

    Thus, not taking part in this procedure and buying pugs from reputable breeders is much appreciated, cause the source is well-researched, pugs are kept in good conditions, they have passports, are vaccinated and fed good quality kibble. Above all, certificate pugs are quite expensive so people who make a decision to buy one do so after some deliberation. Of course, there are exceptions and 'reputable breeders' with no real 'reputation' at all...
    And there are thousands of others breeds waiting in the line in shelters.
    Agnieszka & Fugu, Poland

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