Indoor puppy potty for Pug breeders
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Thread: Indoor puppy potty for Pug breeders

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    Default Indoor puppy potty for Pug breeders

    Greetings to breeders. I wanted to ask you help in making a training video like this one, but only with cute dogs, you know PUGS!!!! A friend of mine that's a chihuahua breeder did this one and sent it to me for her Chihuahua puppies, but I would love to have something more personal.
    Can you let me now what you use for your puppies, what you recommend to new owners that work long hours, how you train your puppies (or if you train them) before they are sold? Anything you can share would be very welcome.
    Thank you so much!
    Kathleen Hillman, Donating Member

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    Right now, I have 4 puppies......eating wee wee pads!!!! Often missing!!!!

    I saw your product at PetCo.....100+ with tax.....looks nice! I'll only have these pups til the middle of December and then will only be having 1 more probably won't buy it! If I were gonna be breeding more I would for sure try it!!!!

    How expensive is the product you put in it to keep the smell down?? How often do you have to buy it???

    How heavy is it to lift to empty? I have a bad back.
    Shayna Pugs
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