German association making a commitment to longer muzzled pugs
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Thread: German association making a commitment to longer muzzled pugs

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    Default German association making a commitment to longer muzzled pugs

    MPRV e.V. Mops - und Pekingesen Rassehunde - Verband

    I know the site is in German, but I also know some of you can read German, and google translate works too. The main thing here is that they are a collective of committed, serious pug and pekingese breeders aiming to get the breed standard adjusted from a completely flat face, to a muzzle with a stop - like so:

    (they are out to get other health issues too)

    I love this. Much as I love the pug appearance, this is hardly a radical change, and if this could minimize pugs with breathing issues it would be amazing. Do you perhaps know of similar associations where you live?

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    This is awesome!
    Bruno is far from breed standard, with a small, broken nose roll and exposed bridge, and a slight snout. No one would ever think he wasn't a pug, and he's never had the slightest issue with breathing.

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    Yes I've been reading about this and having a look at a few German breeder's websites too. I'd say that the angle on Xanthe's face is in between the two diagrams, she doesn't have noisy breathing or snore unless her head is raised on the edge of a bed or something. When a few people commented that Xanthe's photo taken in front of the fire looked like rather like a classical painting (mainly because of the dark background I think) it led me on to comparing her to some of the turn of the century photographs. Xanthe does look very like some of these dogs, with her longer, slimmer legs and lighter bodyframe, as indeed does Talos. I did a bit of tracking back on Xanthe's pedigree when I first got her. Whilst she does have many champion show dogs in her five generation pedigree, it's still quite extraordinary how much information can be found on various websites holding pedigrees - I easily got back to 1980 French pugs, where I was starting to get really confused and realised I'd have to start again some time and then plot it down in some way. Just 35 years is a large number of generations of puppies being bred to track.

    I also wondered about genetic DNA testing, but I'm fairly certain that whilst so few markers are compared and as far as I know they'll only show up to Grandparents influence that it would only show Xanthe as being pug. I also tried to read up a bit on genetic 'throwbacks' or atavism. One of my own sons towers in height over both his parents with a definite red tint in his hair - just like his great grandfather, but I couldn't easily find any information on hereditary genetics (at least stuff written in layman's terms that I could understand) that would suggest throwbacks can occur over more generations than this.

    Obviously it doesn't matter to me what Xanthe is, she's a happy, healthy little dog that I adore, but it's still kind of interesting.......
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    Our pug breed standard was changed a couple of years ago to allow a slight muzzle. The old school judges seem to ignore it. :-(
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    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    Excellent idea, I love it! Let's hope more and more responsible breeders (and not just a few enthusiasts) will "convert" and try to make lives easier for our wonderful four legged friends!
    @Snifter-I didn't know about the new regulation, but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed at least for the new and more flexible participants in that matter to change their approach for the sake of pugs!

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    As a pugmom who has had 5 "breathers" who needed palate trim (and nostril enlargement) surgery (sometimes multiple) out of a total of 7 pugs, I feel this is wonderful, and hope the new standards will stick and spread.
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