Breeding to prevent breathing issues
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Thread: Breeding to prevent breathing issues

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    Default Breeding to prevent breathing issues

    An article appeared this evening in the Daily Mail reporting that research undertaken to try and predict the development of breathing issues in pugs, French and English bulldogs by using the ratio of specific head and neck measurements had proved somewhat unsuccessful mainly due to the difficulties in getting accurate measurements. The conclusion seems to be that breeding for open nostrils is the main way forward and they are now looking towards genetic tests that would help breeders to eradicate

    This is the Daily Mail article. Breathing issues in pugs can't be predicted by appearance | Daily Mail Online

    And this is the article that they probably sourced it from

    Which would be fantastic if everyone who bred puppies actually took any notice of research like this, but judging from what I see written on Facebook pages most of the owners of shall we say limited intelligence and education that continue to breed their pets without the slightest clue of what they're doing, I'd very much doubt it :(
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