So, just expressing my thoughts and hopefully relieve some of my stress.

My Ricky apparently has pretty good genes. He has a "perfectly" shaped flat face, excellent breathing, impecable markings etc etc. So, I guess he's a desirable stud.

Showing and breeding isn't really my thing. In fact, if Ricky had been a puppy when I got him he wouldn't have the equipment needed to make puppies. From experience of having older dogs snipped and getting fat, I just can't risk it. He's got anumbilical hernia, so gaining weight is extra risky for him.

Ricky went to a dog show a few days before I got him and he got Best of Show.

In November the breeder he was born from contacted me asking to dig into his family line with one of her females in January.
She also requested I sign him up for a dog show in December. It took a little convincing, but I eventually said ok.
At the dog show he had very tough competition, even I knew that before the show even started. He came in 3rd.

Now the day is coming that he be paired up with the female, tomorrow. It's supposed to happen at my place tomorrow evening.

I'm quite nervous, but also excited, about the process. This is not the first time I'll be around the act itself... I had a mix dog, and a long story short she had an accidental litter, so that's not really what I'm nervous about. The part I'm nervous about is that this will be my first stud/breeding contract. I have literally no idea what to expect. Although I haven't been a part of this sort of thing, I have some knowledge about what it's like in my home country. Basically, the owner of the stud gets to choose from either a puppy, or the worth of one puppy, but that's about all I know. I live in a new country now and I have no idea how it works here... if it's the same as in my home country, if there's anything more to it etc.

Ehm, I have physical disabilities and cleaning isn't really my thing(I live alone with Ricky) , but I've made the living room, the kitchen and one of the bathrooms precentable(not really that difficult because I don't really make messes), it's mostly just dusty floors, and I intend to close the door to the remainder of the house.