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    Thank you all sooo much for your responses! I'm so glad to have found a place to get some information from people who understand the problems Sophie is having! My number one priority is her health and happiness. I will stick with it as long as it takes. I have researched a lot about the side effects from both ivermectin and mitaban and honestly, both scare me! I am on month two of treatment so I'm hoping it will start to improve soon! I will return to the vet in two weeks and if the scrape is still positive my vet will put her on the mitaban. Thanks again for your help and well wishes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethy View Post
    Jacqueline, I don't mean to condradict, but it's the other way around. The ivermectin is more dangerous than Mitaban dips. Ivermectin can cause liver failure, and the toxicity ratio is much higher for Ivermectin. We don't use it at our clinic, except for the very worst cases............ones that can not be cured by any other means available.

    I have used Mitaban for many years, without any bad reactions. Ivermectin may work, but the risks are higher, and I myself, find Mitaban, to be quicker at curing demodex.
    This is exactly what my vet told me about the two treatments when I was arguing about it with him! Liberty seems to have grown back all of her hair, so we'll see next week when she has her scrape!
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    My 10 month old was diagnosed with Demodex about 2 months ago,maybe just over 2 months ago....we have been using Advocate, topical treatment, and nothing else. It seems to be working. Demodex can take many many months of treatment before you see any result. We are lucky, we caught Yoda's demodex very early, so he has not developed any further.

    Have you got any pics of your puglet's mange?

    I chatted to my vet about other options, before we had our latest scrape (on Saturday) - she said between dips and Ivermectin - she does not like either, and has seen bad responses to both, if Yoda's mange was alot worse off, she'd recommend the dips. But because it was not far along, the Advocate works wonders.
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