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Thread: Demodex Positive - PLEASE HELP!

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    Topical treatment called Promeris worked great on many fosters that had demodex. No dips or ivermectin.
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    I took on a rescue Napolitano Mastiff, she is around 1 year of age and had a severe case of demodex. No Hair at all, pustules and blood everywhere. She was so miserable that slept 3 days in a row when I took her home I really thought he was dying.... We got her on antibiotics for 2 weeks and Ivermectin (oral 0.5 ml) and also topical dips for al least 60 days ( still ongoing) I said her case was very bad.
    Now after 4 weeks her hair is growing back, she is healthy, happy and so beautiful... she even has a name which she loves : Nicky!!!

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    My daughter's pug puppy Gummi had demodex when she was about 8 weeks old. ALL her hair fell out and she was such a sick little girl. We started with the dips for four weeks, then went to the Ivermectin after a month. The dips made her SLEEPY for about 24 hours since she was so little. Once she got over the four weeks (and we went from multiple mites to one dead mite in one month), she had no further problems. She's been demodex free since and she's 3 now.
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    One of our rescue's pugs, Annie, had Demodex very bad and long-standing, she was given ProMeris and a single treatment had hair re-growth in the bald areas within a week. No bad effects on this girl.

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    Update: Noe (Greek for Noah, just fyi) is on his third day with Ivermectim and he seems to have no problems with it. However, he has trouble with his poop these last 2 days.

    He normally poops 3 times a day (or more) and today he only pooped once in the morning. In the afternoon we walked for 2 hours and nothing.

    Yesterday I added a third walk at night and it worked but no luck today.

    Is it possible that it's an Ivermectim side effect? Or could it be that he misses his dog friends? (We're on vacation at my parents' house and he doesn't meet any dogs over here.)

    It's the first time ever he's having trouble and I'm gonna check with the vet of course but if this has happened to any of you, please share.


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