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Thread: Lulu update: NO BRAIN TUMOR! She has EPILEPSY!

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    I am glad to hear that everything is calming down in your home. It must have been very tiring. You do sound like you have a great vet and Lulu is in the best care possible. Its so wonderful that she can now live out her life in a wonderful loving home, horray for Lulu.
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    Continued hugs and best wishes for sweet Lulu. What a relief that it is something manageable!
    I hope those were the last seizures she ever has. I think your vet is making a good choice by suggesting to wait and see before meds.
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    Kara, I've been sobbing in relief while reading this thread (no great fete for me, since I'm menopausal and cry at the drop of a hat)

    Teri texted me while I was on the road, and while I know she told you how relieved I was to hear about this, I wanted to write myself, as well.

    I am just so thankful for your family, and for Lulu... and I say Kudos to your vet and I would write a very calm, yet strongly disapproving letter to the director of the emergency vet clinic. ER vets are so unreliable, IMHO.

    I'm still praying for Lulu and NO we are not getting tired of hearing about her.. please don't stop keeping us informed.

    hugs to you and your family and Lulu
    Kayte and Crew

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    What a great news!
    I hope she gets well soon. May god bless her.


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