Lulu update: NO BRAIN TUMOR! She has EPILEPSY!
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Thread: Lulu update: NO BRAIN TUMOR! She has EPILEPSY!

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    Smile Lulu update: NO BRAIN TUMOR! She has EPILEPSY!

    OH my goodness. What a LONG day.

    The short of it is: LULU IS HOME WITH US!!!

    I thought about you guys all day - what a comfort all your support was to all of us. It meant a lot. The extensive bloodwork that my vet did yesterday all came back normal. And the BIG news: Lulu's MRI was NORMAL! The neuro said she has epilepsy. I was soooo relieved, that I forgot to ask if they see epilepsy on an MRI, or if they simply diagnosis it by ruling every other awful thing out. I will have to do some reading up on it. I know that a seizure disorder like epilepsy is manageable - and that is what matters. I called my vet and left that message and will contact her in the morning about starting meds (they said there are two options - any opinions?). Any advice from you experts out there would be greatly appreciated.

    The vet down there thought she CAN see a bit out of her left eye - unlike what the ER vet said. She blinked when they passed their hands over her left eye. So I'm not sure who to believe. I'll see how she walks tomorrow. The rescue person suggested that perhaps she had a TIA and had temporary blindness? Not sure. But in any case....

    We have our Lulu with us tonight! Thanks to all of you. I love this group!!

    Here's one big hug from us to all of you!

    Kara & Lulu

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    Florida, finally!!!!



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    Oh wow! We have been checkin for updates on Lulu all day and, ah, when I read your post I almost cried again. Bless, bless, bless her little heart. So pleased for you all - big hugs to Lulu. Now, relax, you've had an awful couple of days. I'd hug you if I could :)

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    The Lord has smiled on sweet LuLu. I have prayed so hard and
    I am sooooo happy. Hugs to all of you

    The Georgia Pugs
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    Just Don't Say Anything.

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    Yeah for Lulu!!

    I had two epileptic dogs before, neither were pugs. One (collie/shepherd mix) was managed well her entire life on phenobarbitol, the other (great dane/rhodesian ridgeback mix) had seizures which were controlled for six months or so and then suddenly had almost constant seizures that no meds controlled and we had to put him down.

    Take care,
    In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

    - Mohandas Gandhi

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    I'm so very very glad to be reading this news!!!

    Lulu will continue to be in my thoughts! I see her doing well!!!
    Shayna Pugs
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    Thank goodness for answered prayers! Lulu has been weighing heavy on my mind all day. I bet you are emotionally and physically exhausted. Hope you have a restful night.

    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

    ~Maya Angelou

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    Lots to learn about management, but it is manageable. You must all be so relieved. I am not a nice person, I would forward the diagnosis to the vet board and give the ER vet hell. Give the lovely Ms. Lulu a gentle hug, I am so happy for you.

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    Wonderful news, thought about you all day, and kept checking all evening, sleep well tonight you family is all tucked in.

    My Bo had a very severe eye injury and I have had vets say he couldn't see out of it, I know he can see. You will figure out if Lulu can see.
    Susan, mom to Bo, Lucy and Finn

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    yeeeeaaahhh for Lulu. I have been thinking about you guys all day, what a long day you have had. I knew with the power of the pv that things would turn out better. There is something about this forum and all of these people that make me keep coming back and this is one of the reasons. Congratulations to your whole family, especially Lulu and your daughter, she must feel so much better. Still wish I could give you all a real hug.
    Pug Mom to Roxie
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