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    Quote Originally Posted by Simbasgamma View Post
    WE are currently going thru the thing . BUT .. after Simba eats he chokes and gags and throws up the mucus ! White foamy thick sticky stuff . I agree with the reverse sneeze ♥
    The choking and gagging doesn't sound right!
    Reverse sneezing has the honking sound and is quite distressing to watch but the choking, gagging, foaming isn't normally apart of that.

    When Rosie did this she had Brachycephalic Syndrome. She needed surgery to trim her elongated soft palate, she also had Everted Laryngeal Saccules.
    Other similar symptoms can be caused by an infection in the Salivary Glands which is common in pugs, Rosie also has this but takes 7 antibiotic tablets each month which work solely in the mouth to keep this kind of infection at bay.

    Of course, it could be any number of things so a trip to the vet is the way to go!
    Hope you find the answer soon.

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    Rosie pug NO .I think you mis understood . Simba does not have the reverse sneeze . He has Megaesphogus/Myasthenia gravis .
    He was just at the Hosp for tests yesterday . He is MUCH better already ! He is on meds and so far ==so good !

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    reverse sneeze is what i think too
    they can go on for a long time sometimes with them
    A pugs world is full of play and sleep and of course good food.........

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