Over-aggressive play from our 11 week old
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Thread: Over-aggressive play from our 11 week old

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    Default Over-aggressive play from our 11 week old

    Hi all!

    We picked up our pug about 3 weeks ago, and everything has been going great - she's responding well to commands, she's very comfortable with being left on her own for a few hours at a time, and hardly ever begs for our attention. However, we've started to notice that she can be a bit over-the-top when it comes to playing. We noticed this at first when she was biting us. Mainly putting this down to general puppy behaviour, we tried to discipline her out of it by saying no firmly, but when this didn't work, we put her in a crate for about 10 seconds and didn't engage with her. The biting continues, but it can be reduced down to a playful nibble now rather than a proper bite. She does still go for our trouser legs, and we're currently trying to discipline her out of this with varying levels of success.

    Our main concern though is with other animals; we have a 9 month old kitten who we got around the same time as the Pug, and she is very playful herself. Generally they get on fine, but we've noticed Ava (our pug) trying to bite her while they're playing - this has caused the kitten to freeze and completely submit. There was also an incident the other night where Ava was overcome with trying to bite my partner really hard, and continued to stare at her. It's an obvious dominance thing, but we're not sure how to get her out of this. Also this evening we took her to this session where she gets to meet other puppies who have also not had their last set of vaccinations yet, and although she started off very calmly, it quickly became apparent that her form of playing was very aggressive, and as a result, none of the other puppies wanted to play with her, and they became very yappy towards her.

    Obviously we appreciate that as a puppy, she is going to be very playful, but we're worried that this has become excessive, and when we do come round to introducing her to our other animals (in all, we have 6 other cats!), this will create all manner of problems.

    Any advice would be warmly appreciated!

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    I am a big Victoria Stilwell fan and use her methods

    A sharp AhAH!! to break the behavior momentum, then remove the kitten, the person or the puppy from the room for a few minutes ... no punish, no scolding - any attention will reward the bad behavior :-) once the pup calms down, return the Removed One LOL to the original position and carry on.
    Puppies aren't really aggressive, they are just learning to be dogs and have to learn their social graces.

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