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Thread: My pug acts so inappropriate at dog park!

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    He needs a visit to the Vet ASAP. I would not want to be at the dog park with a dog behaving that way. My three would not tolerate being humped period.
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    You can eventually teach him that when he goes outside he needs to get his business done. It will subside a little bit, but it wont go away completely. I got Frank to stop marking when we go on walks by counting to 3 and if he doesn't mark it, we continue on. He now knows that if I start counting, at 2 he is doing his business. I don't want to waste my time standing around and waiting for him to decide.
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    Thank you for making the responsible decision! When our Wally (neutered at 6 months, now 2) decided to mark everything outside this spring, our trainer suggested that we simply not let him. Wally is now allowed to pee twice, and he makes them count. He's only allowed to stop after that if he looks like he's looking for a place to poop (and he usually pees a few spots while he's at it). When he slows down to sniff, we just keep on walking, and if he doesn't want to be dragged, he'll catch up. I don't know if this would work on an intact dog outside though, I am sure they are much more monomaniacal about it. The belly bands will save your life indoors though! Until you can get one, I have found (with a friend's dog who came to visit and proceeded to mark everything) that a bandana can be folded and tied around the average sized pug without difficulty as a makeshift belly band.
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    Neutering is a fantastic decision! Well done! Millions of dogs are euthanized in North America every year because people are breeding their dogs just for the heck of it. Rescues and shelters are underfunded and over-run. Pugs as a breed in particular have had hardcore health issues increase dramatically because of improper breeding.

    I had my boy neutered almost a month ago and he is showing no signs of being a fat/lazy dog. His behavior has improved in that he immediately stopped marking or having accidents in the house and is just behaving better in general. He's still lively and full of fun and gets the zoomies every day. But he's listening better and being more content when I want him to chill out. He's actually lost a bit of weight because around that time I switched him to adult food and increased his exercise.

    In regards to peeing a million times when outside, he only does that if he is running around loose outside for a length of time. Back when we were potty training, he had to earn his free running time in the house by going potty outside. When I take him out for a potty, he gets one chance to go and then we go back inside - so he knows to do his business pretty quick. And when we go for leashed walks, he doesn't get the opportunity to sniff everything and mark everything.

    Humping can become a habit, and like others have said, can turn into a nasty situation with the wrong dog. Ernie started humping toys when he was little and we put an end to that as soon as possible. When he has done so with other dogs, he gets pulled off right away. I've known too many dogs, neutered or otherwise, who just end up with this habitual nasty behavior that they think is normal and acceptable. It's also a sign of dominance, which is why some dogs will end up putting him in his place - and it may not be nicely. I personally would not let him run unleashed in a dog park where he can continue to develop this behavior. He needs to be under control until he has better manners.

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