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    Default help!

    My pug Alex is 2 years and 8 months old. Today he started coughing really bad! I have no idea whats wrong! Its not the normal honking pugs do. It started at about 3 pm today we went to the park and he started coughing. I thought it was because he was excited and he kept trying to run off so I thought he was choking with his harness from pulling away. We came home and he kept doing it! Now its 12:30 am and he's still coughing! Its worse now its really loud and he gaggs but nothing comes out! He's still drinking water like normal and he didn't eat anything unusual. His breathing is normal he sleeps for a while and then he'll start with the coughing like every half hour or so! The vet of course is closed and I live in a small town so there's no emergency pet hospital. Its really scaring me! He's never done this before! He's up to date on all his shots. I just can't think of anything that could be causing it. Please help if anyone knows what could be wrong or what I can do to help him!

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    My first thought would be kennel cough.. was he around another coughing dog about 7 days ago? My advice is to get him to the vet as soon as possible.

    Best of luck to you!
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    Damn, posted for you to go to vet now, but then re-read properly and saw you had no vet access until office hours.

    Could be a number of things, all of which need proper diagnosis and medication. Kennel Cough is the most likely, but heart, lung or throat problems are all possible, too.

    In the short term, you may be able to give him some honey syrup to soothe his throat which will be raw from coughing. Just dissolve a tablespoon of honey in a tablespoon of boiling water and offer it to him after it has cooled down to room temperature.

    Get hin to the vet earliest possible, and let us know the diagnosis.
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