running like crazy! don't know why! help!
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Thread: running like crazy! don't know why! help!

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    Unhappy running like crazy! don't know why! help!


    So about two weeks ago my lil man (Rambo) had one of those Purina frosty peanut butter ice cream treat things. after he finished, about 20 minutes or so later, he ran around the whole house throwing his body into the pillows and the side of the couch. it looked like he was maybe having an allergic reaction to the ice cream thing. he also vomited a little bit. (the vet told me the vomit was from the running and the running was just excitement) However, Rambo normally will run around the house when he gets overly excited, but this was not his usual run. Needless to say after he went to the bathroom and relaxed for a little bit he was much better.

    Today, after I got in from work out of no where he started doing this panic run again, throwing himself into things and looking almost like he was trying to run from a skin irritation or just something he couldn't control. I am a new pug owner and do not want to keep calling my vet as i feel i am already getting on their nerves and they seem to just blow me off sometimes. He was also having a backward sneeze right before. At first i thought this was the first time he was having one of those so he was just reacting to not knowing what to do regarding that. However, I remembered he has already had some of those in the past and that was not the issue.

    I also feel like he has been slightly congested the past few days. I know pugs have breathing issues in general, but he sounds a little more backed up and weezy than normal. Any suggestions??

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    Can you take a video of this frantic running he is doing? I would also suggest that you keep notes of what he is eating and doing for an hour or so before these spells, as well as notes on what he is doing before his 'usual' zoomies. (and maybe a video of the usual, too).

    Your vet works for you -- if you feel that they are not listening, it's time to get a new vet.

    Wheezing is normal for some pugs as a result of a long soft palate or narrow trachea. Or it could be kennel cough or some other respiratory problem.

    If I were you, I would be taking your wee Rambo to a new vet for an assessment of his breathing and also a general checkup that could find an explanation for the frantic running. Co with your camera or laptop to show the video so the vet knows exactly what you are talking about.

    Good luck, and please let us know how Rambo is doing.
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    to the village! So sorry to hear Rambo may be having a problem. Trust your instincts and if you think he needs to see a vet, seek a second opinon from a new vet.
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