Does this sound like a seizure?
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Thread: Does this sound like a seizure?

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    Default Does this sound like a seizure?

    Hello Everyone,

    Last night Petunia was fine and i noticed she was sitting and her face seemed to be shaking very mildly. For about 5 minutes after she would only take about 2 steps then plop down. All of the sudden she ran towards me and has seemed fine since? Thoughts???? It was scary. Will take her to the Vet on Monday, but was wondering if anyone saw this before?


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    Not sure....doesn't exactly sound like a seizure to me, but I'm no expert, & I know there can be different types of seizures. I think it's a good plan to take her to the vet Monday, just in case. Hope it turns out to be nothing serious--please keep us posted.

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