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    Default Potty Patch?

    Has anyone had any success using a Potty Patch?

    Maya will not go outside to potty or walk when it's cold and wet. The trouble is that she won't use a pee pad anymore, she shakes them and tears them. She does the same with anything else on the floor, so leaving towels down (as suggested in another thread) would not work for us. She is being really good and not going on the carpet! But she will hold it for 24 hours. Bribing her with treats doesn't work, except for maybe getting her out for a few minutes. She spends those few minutes pulling on the leash to go back inside. I then get worried about her being cold and wet . . . but I'm also worried about her health from holding it for so long. I'm wondering if the Potty Patch would be the answer. I thought about litter, but we have to be careful about type and location of our cat litter because Maya will eat it, if she has access to it.
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