My pug goes crazy
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Thread: My pug goes crazy

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    Default My pug goes crazy

    We have a 12 year old pug that we rescued 2 years ago. Brutus is pretty even tempered but occasionally will go "psycho". Most times it's when my husband has Brutus in the car alone and arrives home. (My husband can take him to work where he's really good). Brutus growls, spaces out, and won't let anyone touch him. The only way to get him out of the car is to get him to come into his create. He will also do this if he doesn't want to awake in the morning or move from a spot. It's not often but is disconcerting. When you look into his eyes it's like he's not there. Any suggestions as to what's happening or how to stop this. Ignoring is not necessarily an option.

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    Hello & to the village! There are alot of experienced pug owners on here who I'm sure will have some good advice. We travel with Tinker in her crate in the car for safety, would that help in your situation. Sounds like he's having periods of confusion(like human elderly)for whatever reason and taking him out of his normal environment makes that worse. I'm glad you found us and we love pics! Good luck!
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    I would have a vet evaluate him. It sounds like it could be organic--dementia, brain tumor etc.

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