Anal Glands (Once Again). Very frustrated, ready to go crazy!
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Thread: Anal Glands (Once Again). Very frustrated, ready to go crazy!

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    Default Anal Glands (Once Again). Very frustrated, ready to go crazy!

    Hey guys.

    I've been gone for a little bit but I am back to ask some very serious advice about my pug. The anal gland issue has gotten worse and worse with him. I posted a little while ago about having to deal with frequent expression that he does around the house. When he relaxes, they express. They've done this on my furniture, on me, on my labrador. I know it's happening when he suddenly turns around and begins licking where they expressed. I don't want to be mad at him, I know it's not his fault & I know he feels bad about it but it's just getting to be too much. I work at a vets & know how to express them but even doing it every week has made no progress. I expressed them & just two days later, they expressed themselves on the couch. I talked with my own vet who works at the hospital I work at & she said if she were me, she would have them removed. I mentioned the problems I've heard from others about fecal incontinence after the surgery, but she swears that no one has ever had that that she has done the surgery with.

    I have to admit, that at this point I'm seriously thinking about it. I hate the idea of putting him through it but honestly, there's more here than just annoyance of him letting go all over my house. I hate the idea of them getting to where they don't express or they rupture, or some other awful possible thing. I also think about when we go away on vacations & he's at the hospital or being cared for by a neighbor or friend. What if while we're gone they fill & he doesn't express them. I have to think about all this.

    I want some honest opinions. Have any of you guys had this done? What have your experiences been? Have they been good?

    Please let me know. I'm so desperate for answers.

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    I have no personal experience with this surgery, but I think there may be a few here that have. Is he on a good quality dog food, have you tried adding pumpkin or pure psylium husk? The surgery would be my last resort because of the risk of incontinence. I think some vets are more experienced with this procedure and may have better outcomes with it....hope that's the case with the vet you work for.
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    The freeze dried raw diet fixed Tinker's problems with the glands,you might want to switch foods and or add pumpkin or psylium before the surgery.
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    Another suggestion - Pet Naturals of Vermont makes a new product called "scoot bars" that specifically address anal gland issues. You can get them online at a number of pet supply shops. I've recommended them to a couple of customers and response has been good. Not sure how old your pug is? Norman would 'accidentally express' when really happy/excited/relaxed when he was younger but has outgrown it. If he's really young I'd be worried about the long term effects of the surgery and propensity towards incontinence, if he's 10 its one thing...if he's 2 not so sure, its kinda of like getting lasix but in a couple years you're just gonna need a different kind of glasses. Hope that makes sense :)

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    Pumpkin and pure psyllium husks!

    Don't remove!!! My sister did both her was fine...the other had problems the rest of her life!
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    pumpkin does wanders for it
    and dogs love it besides
    all my dogs get pumpkin as part of their regular diet everyday
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    Like the others, I would strongly recommend a raw diet and pumpkin/psyllium husks before considering surgery.
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