Thanks everyone, i was up all night all paranoid about her, you could tell she was sick casue
1. She did a massive poo in the house ( there was so much i thought it was my staffys lol!)
2.She slept all yesterday and alot of today
3. when she came to bed last night she was soooo sooky , norm she goes by hubbys butt or my legs to fall asleep but last night demanded we cuddle her and have one of our faces near her.
after a long nap and some food with heaps of water, she has perked up alot so vet said wasnt nessesary for her to come in if we didnt want.
She ate a ciggy butt and sniffed rash powder thats what i think made her so icky. but again she is doing alot better will be keeping an close eye on her next couple days just to make 100% :)

p.s ciggy butt was from a friend that visited, we dont smoke...