Pug Face/Ear Problems
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Thread: Pug Face/Ear Problems

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    Unhappy Pug Face/Ear Problems

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 4 year old pug. He scratched his nose fold (just above the nose) about a week ago and we have tried to treat it at home by cleaning his wrinkle (now with q tips and polysporin - antibiotic). The scratch seems to be healing, but only after we bought an Elizabethan cone to keep him from scratching his face. Now, it looks like he has an ear infection! His ears have been almost always clean, never smelling and hardly any wax. My husband tried to do a "cleaning" on his ears, because we noticed for a couple of weeks he was scratching his ears and shaking his head, then tilting his head to one side. My husband found long hairs in my pug's ears and thought that was the problem and tried to remove the hairs using fingers and q tips (I know, I know not to use q tips no matter how "gentle" but he wouldn't listen!!!). I thought it was a dumb idea to try to do it ourselves and wanted to take my pug to a professional and now one of my pug's ears is brown inside! I can't get to a vet until next week (7 days) but I'm hoping if I get some store bought ear cleaning solution I can try to stave off any further infection.

    Is it possible that not only trying to clean the ears may have caused it, but also the Elizabethan cone? I have read that the cones don't offer enough air flow to the ears and that can cause ear infections which pugs are prone to. He has to wear it all the time except for eating, drinking and going outside because he'll scratch his face, and he's already had a scratch eye last year (self inflicted). I'm worried about my pug, but I can't really do much other than to home treat him until I can see the vet next week.

    If anyone can give advice on what to look for when it comes to pug ear problems and what to do about it, it would be really appreciated. I just don't want to make it worse or allow it to get worse.

    Please help.

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    You are right that the cone may contribute to ear infections for the reasons you stated. Winston is wearing a cone right now and he is looking a bit red in the ears. He is prone to ear infections, especially this time of year.

    There are special cleaning solutions that you can buy at the vets. They may help against the infection until you can get to a vet. However, I've been warned that dogs can have a perforated ear drum, in which case it's not a good idea to put liquid in there. If the ear doesn't look too bad, I would consider buying such a cleaning solution and using it daily. We use either Oto-clean or Aural clean, but I don't know what's available in Canada.

    Another question is, do you know why he is scratching his nose? Could it be that he has an allergy or even a yeast infection? Does he scratch a lot and does he scratch anywhere else? Bite or obsessively lick his paws?
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    Hello & to the village! Lisa has posted a solution she makes and cleans ears and nose rolls with:1/3 cup white vinegar
    1/3 cup isopropyl alcohol
    1/3 cup witch hazel
    5-10 drops tea tree oil
    Put in bottle and mix.
    That will clean his ears but not solve an infection, if he has an ear infection it's painful and you need to see the vet ASAP.Good luck and let us know how he does.
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    I'm not sure if this will help but I recently picked up Dr. Maggies Ointment for Winston because his paws were sore from going to daycare... it worked really well to help with the healing and it did stop him from licking/chewing them. Might help with his face scratch, and then you won't have to use the cone as often.

    .:Dr.Maggie™ Skin Care Ointment:.

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