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    Question pug diarhrea

    Hi fellow pug owners, one of my pugs who is a yr. old has been experiencing diarrhea fdr more than 2 days, she is reluctant to drink water, is mildly dehydrated is showing signs of weakness and lethargy. One thing I should mention is that she will normally eat just about anything. Last saturday she found remnants from a dead bird or small wild animal, but I would think that she would have exhibited signs and symptoms several days earlier.

    We are taking her to the vet this morning but I thought I would see if any of you guys have experienced anything similiar. Thanks

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    Dehydration can go from bad to worse quickly. Boil some chicken parts to make a broth, feed the broth. You don't want the gut at a standstill, you want it to keep moving to expel whatever is causing the upset. Go out and buy some coconut water, or unflavoured pedialyte to replenish electrolytes and help with dehydration. I suggest coconut water over pedialyte, the coconut water helps replenish the body faster.

    How did the vet visit go?

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