My pug puppy has a pimple like lump in corner of eye n under his chin
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Thread: My pug puppy has a pimple like lump in corner of eye n under his chin

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    Exclamation My pug puppy has a pimple like lump in corner of eye n under his chin

    A few days ago my puppy had a sore the time I noticed it he could open just a little bit but he had it closed most of the time. At first i thought he got injured while playin with his sister. It looked like it hurt but he wasnt in any pain cause he was very quiet n wasn't scratching it or crying or show any signs of agony n when I got a chance to touch it it didn't hurt him and when he did open (barely) his eye i notice his pupil went greyish white n had really watery eye n looked like a little bit more eyewax more than normal. He's always been very sensitive bout his eyes so naturally he wouldn't let any1 touch it, It happened after either during his nap cause i had put him to bed n didnt see it n by the time he woke thats when i saw it, at first i thought he was being grumpy or lazy or tired. i tried to monitor his actions n kept him by my side, he didnt want to play wit his sister i think it was because he couldnt see so he nap a little more. Then a few hours passed the whiteness in his pupil slowly faded, n his eye was still a bit watery, he could still see but i dont think very clearly as he was sort of bumping into things n he started barking at thin air. My partner thinks maybe he got bitten by something, a friend then recommend leaving it overnight if it gets worst go see the vet. In the morning it was better but his pupil had a little bit white in his eye n stil a bit watery. but he seemed normal then a day later a very small pimple/lump bout a 1mm just began to develop n now it's gettin a little bigger but it doesn't seem to bother him or hurt him when I touch it either. It looks very much like a pimple. And I started to notice his gettin pimples under his chin n on his jaw line, my partner was able to pop one n it went away but his gettin more now. What should I do? Does anyone know what it is?

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    Take him to the vet. You don't want to mess with eyes. If he's not opening his eye, extra eye goop, anything out of the ordinary, it needs to be looked at. Scratches usually can't be seen unless a vet puts a glowing liquid in it which attaches to any scratches. Go to the vet ASAP please. Eye injuries are serious.

    Also, do not pop pimples, it can get infected. Wash with warm water after each meal, and use witch hazel, which will dry out and disinfect the pimples. Oscar went through crazy puppy acne at 3 months old, and I just used that and it went away. DO NOT use witch hazel around the eyes though, just clean with warm water and dry

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    Your puppy needed to be seen by a vet the moment you noticed a problem with the eye. This is one area you do not want to take chances; 'wait and see' and 'leave it overnight' are not options when it comes to eyes. Please have the pup checked!

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    Hello & to the village! Get him to the vet now. Don't mess with eyes.For the acne in addition to cleaning his face, make sure you are feeding out of ceramic or stainless steel dishes. Please update us after you see the vet.
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