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Thread: Flying in-cabin with Pug for first time

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    Just wanted to give everyone a quick update -

    The flight went better than expected, but was very hectic and a little worrisome afterward. I took Chile Biscuit to the vet to get her health certificate (which most airlines require in order to fly a pet), and since she is very high strung, I asked for some type of medication to settle her down for the flight. Her vet gave me acepromazine, which she said is a very common tranquilizer that's been used forever and is allegedly very safe. She suggested that I test it on her before the flight, so I could see how she handles it, and how long it takes to affect her (all dogs can react differently).

    I gave her the pill about an hour before we left for the airport, and she was snoring in her carrier before we even boarded the flight. We had a quick flight to Dallas, and the second leg from Dallas to NYC was about 3 hours. She was very well behaved and didn't make a peep the entire time; the acepromazine just made her very sleepy and calm. Her breathing was normal (I was hunched over, watching her and petting her head to reassure her I was right there).

    The problems seemed to start after we arrived here in NYC. For the first several days, she was still extremely lethargic, wouldn't walk, eat, or do anything. She was also trembling, which she only does when she's sick or in pain, so I was very worried. I called her vet in OKC, and they said she is probably hungover, and to bring her to a vet if she doesn't improve in another day, but as long as she's drinking water and eating she should be fine. They also asked me to feel her heartbeat (to see if it was fast, slow, etc.) and to check her gums (they said as long as they're pink and not pale that was normal).

    After about 2 days, she had the spring back in her step, and was back to her old self. She's still not going potty or eating normal, but I think she's still just a little culture-shocked, because she's used to having a private backyard, and now has to potty on the street in front of tons of people. Fortunately I found us a permanent apartment in a building with an elevator, and GRASS!!

    Thanks again for all the tips, everyone!


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    acepromazine, I have heard that is pretty tough on the pugs, Chile Biscuit is fine now, and the flight went well, all great news.
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