Murphy Surgery Day - Friday, May 17th
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Thread: Murphy Surgery Day - Friday, May 17th

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    Default Murphy Surgery Day - Friday, May 17th

    Tomorrow is Murphy's big day!! He is going for a long ride in the car, about 3 hours from home. He will meet his board certified surgeon tomorrow morning. If all goes well, Murphy will have his Salivary Mucocele problem corrected tomorrow afternoon. He will have to stay overnight.

    We've only had him for a month yesterday. He's a strong 5 year old, un-neutered male. We got him from our local shelter where he was dumped because of this problem. The vet there missed it totally. It was only after we brought him home and he finally settled down did we notice this lump on his neck. The shelter gives you a voucher for a wellness check and a neuter. Well, there's only a few vets that will accept shelter vouchers. My regular vet does not.

    We took him to see another vet (who happens to be my groomers vet) for a check-up. He said that it's a Salivary Mucocele situation that came about from being kicked, bitten or having a choker collar on too tight. This lil fella spent most of his time outside... he was dirty, his ears were all tattered... This vet would not do the neuter until this other problem was corrected.

    I already fell in love with him and he was fitting in perfectly with the rest of the pack. He didn't even know what a food bowl was for... We could only guess that food was thrown out to him and the other doggies he was with and they all had to fend for themselves... which explains why he was so skinny when we got him.

    The surgery is expensive and I really can't afford it right now... a decision was made to return him to the shelter... and he was... I felt so bad, I was determined to help this boy... I called Care Credit and got an increase on my account. I called the shelter and asked if I could get him back... Yes, come on and pick him up. I made it within 5 mins. of them closing. That was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time!!

    Having only been here a month, Murphy has really let himself be loved, he is really coming out of his shell and is the sweetest boy. He's starting to trust us. He's smart, learned the doggie doors in about 5 mins... He's great with the other doggies and just so appreciative of everything we do for him.

    Took him to the groomer and she really worked on his ears getting all of the dead hair off so it will grow in a bit nicer. Even she said that he's a real sweet boy and she didn't have any problems doing anything to him.

    Then he started coughing about a week later... he had kennel cough... he was given bordetalla at the shelter, but I guess not in enough time. My other Pugs were already covered... We took him to see our regular vet and he looked him over real good and said that he appears to be healthy with the exception of that big waddle on his neck.

    I just know he will feel like he got dumped again when I leave him... poor lil fella... He doesn't have a clue... I'm also staying, I booked a nice hotel room, so I'll be close and I'll be ready when I can pick him up Saturday morning.

    I'm going to try to talk the surgeon into doing his neuter too. I know they won't accept the shelter voucher, but even if it costs me a bit more, it's worth it. He won't have to be put under again in the near future, plus it's his throat/neck/mouth area that will have the surgery... don't want any more tubes down there for a while. The specialist doesn't even have to do the surgery, they have other general surgeon's there. I'm going to try my best to get it all done tomorrow.

    I have to pack tonight... I'll be taking his crate with me... he's used to going in it every night and it will be good for the ride over too. It has been really hard for me to put him in his crate at night, but I wanted him to have a safe place for after his surgery. He actually likes his crate, sometimes he even takes his naps in there... and then the others want to know what's so special, so they have to try it out too...

    Anyway... I'll have access to the internet, so I'll be able to post on Murphy's day later on in the evening, after it's all over.

    This surgeon has done some great work on another one of my Pugs, so I trust him and have total confidence in his talent.

    Keep a good thought for Murph tomorrow!!! My Murph Man will be fine... I just hate having to put him though all of the stress... let alone the pain... it has to be done... The bright side is that the outcomes are usually 100% with no future problems.

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    Prayers all goes well and he has a speedy recovery.
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    This made my day. There needs to be more people like you in the world, I too saved my little one from a bad living situation. I have so far spent almost $1000 in vet bills which is a lot, especially for a broke college student like myself. He is worth every penny though for the love and happiness he has given me and my family. I don't know how anyone can mistreat or neglect these sweet lovable dogs or any animal for that matter. Hoping and praying everything goes well for Murphy! Keep us updated and give him lots of pug love and cuddles!
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    Hope all goes well,with a speedy recovery, hope everything can be taken care of at the same time. Will be praying for Murphy and you Friday.

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    Hugs and prayers to you & Murphy tomorrow. I can't wait to hear he came through with flying colors =) Bless you for taking him in!

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    Praying for a successful and easy surgery and recovery for Murphy. Prayers for a safe trip, too.
    We never touch people so lightly that we don't leave a trace.

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    Sending positive thoughts out for Murphy. Thank you so much for taking him in and taking care of him. Whoever treated him like this deserves the same, PEOPLE SUCK!
    Chris, owned by Minni the diva, and "Sugar" Ray the ever hungry.
    Ray has since crossed the bridge but stays forever in my heart. I love you, Boo Boo. Oscar Wilde Thang has joined the family.
    DH to Ellen , DD to Lindsay and Carrie

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    God bless you for giving this precious soul the love he deserves! I'm praying that all goes well for Murphy and some money comes your way to pay for the expenses.

    Let us know how it goes.

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    paws crossed here... keep us posted... and know that we send all our love and dirty tee shirts and old socks for your pal to smell!

    Ayleash ... Sponsor of the Pugs: Captain and Niko, and Pack leader of: Tigger (2005-2016), and ...My SECOND rescue Terrier... a girl for Tigger... Ohna... and now... DECKER!! (The Dog Formerly Known As (TDFKA) Batman!)

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    Hoping all goes well for Murphy!

    Christa, Mom to Toby, Kelsey, Summer & Ellie Mae

    missing Riley and Roxy, who are at the bridge
    and my precious Bella 11-2-07 - 05-6-12

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