I just wanted to add some thoughts that I am sure you already know but are worth mentioning anyway.

For a non dog-lover it seems a simple decision to choose a person over an animal. To them your boyfriend would be being selfish. But dog-lovers and especially it seems Pug owners, our dogs are our children. The bond can be intense. So don't judge your boyfriend too harshly... for him it isn't a choice between "my girlfriend and an animal" its "my girlfriend or my kid" Its an impossible decision....I honestly don't know what I'd do in that situation.

That said, you are making significant compromises allowing the dog to live there so you boyfriend needs to do his part to make it easier for you. Some suggestions:
1. No Pug in the Bedroom
2. No Pug on the couch/chair you sit on.
3. HE needs to de-shed the dog (outside) as much as possible and bathe him regularly
4. He needs to take over the vacuming of pug fur regularly, daily if necessary
5. Have a designated area where he can cuddle the Pug. Even if he gets up early and lays with the dog in the spare room or on a blanket on the floor (not in the bedroom of course) that way he can maintain his bond and cuddle time but not affect you.

I really hope you can get those allergies back under control...they sound awful.