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    Default Ear infection.....

    Has anyone ever had there pugs or any dog acting as though they were drunk. My 1 year old Rebel stumbles, falls down, acts like he can't see well at times, balance is off, and won't jump on or off anything. It lasted about a week and then he seemed fine. It started again so I took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with an ear infection and given ear drops, pain meds and an antibiotic. He was given an exray and complete physical with no answers. They suggested an MRI but it is something I just cannot afford to do and I am heartbroken for him. The meds seeded to work after about a week and he was getting better. Then all of a sudden the symtoms have all come back again. He isn't in any pain, at least he doesn't show it or act like it. The only thing that changed since he was born was that his food was changed from puppy to small adult. Same kind and brand. I feel so helpless and am wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this.

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    I haven't experienced this with my pugs, but the inner ear does control balance so it makes sense that a bad ear infection could affect balance. If it returned after the med's were done then maybe he needs a longer course of med's or maybe a different type? I can understand how worrisome it would be to see that. I sure hope Rebel is feeling better soon.
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    Prayers it's his ears and he get s the right med with a speedy recovery.
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