Pug Woke Up/Running Around House/Jerking Front Paws
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Thread: Pug Woke Up/Running Around House/Jerking Front Paws

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    Default Pug Woke Up/Running Around House/Jerking Front Paws

    Good Morning --- My 3 year old pug woke up this morning and seemed to be involuntarily jerking forward and running/walking fast around the house. It seemed like very quick forward motion moves. Of course, we were very alarmed and took her to the emergency vet. They did a blood test and recommended just watching her in case it was a one-time-only incident. It went on for several minutes. She has been tested for PDE and it was found to be N/N which I understand is a very low chance of getting it. I'm wondering if this behavior has happened with anyone else's pug? I'm very worried and would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Does it sound like a pinched nerve? Many thanks for any advice you can give me. Best, Debbie

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    Hello & to the village! I'm sorry your pug is having problems. I'd crate her for rest and speak to your regular vet. Prayers it's nothing serious.
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    I'm sorry your Pug had an episode like that--it must have been very scary! Just wanted to say that I hope your vet can figure out what caused this, and that it will be easily resolved. Sending along prayers & positive thoughts!

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    This may sound odd but was she favoring a leg at all? Sometimes if a kneecap slips they can do weird skips forward as they try to walk....

    Could be some sort of pain...

    hope its nothing serious.....

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    I, too, hope that it's a one time thing!!! It could be a pinched nerve.......but that usually causes pain that doesn't come and go. Could have been a cramp.

    Have your vet check thyroid levels. If low...they can have small seizures. Solo had a few...was alert the entire time...but his front legs jerked. Once on meds..he never had one again til the day he died!

    I breed and PDE test all my guys..... So far I have two NN's and an NS. Will breed the NS to an NN for sure! While there is a lower incidence of PDE with NN....it still can happen........ and lots of SS never have a seizure!

    Keep a journal.....Anything that happened yesterday that was different...food..events..... During the night?? What she did and for how long.....and her behavior afterward.

    Seeing this being nothing to worry about!
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    Praying your Puggie will be okay. Please keep us posted on how she is doing.
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    My first thought was wondering if she was maybe sleepwalking in some way. But other than the timing (my pugs' seizures don't start from sleep), it sounds very much like my Dr. Chumley and also Chainsaw, who have both had odd seizure episodes like this, starting with excited, uncoordinated pugtonas (racing around) and then the slow wobbles for hours, with Chainsaw in his one episode even more severe jerking occasionally. This goes on for a few hours until they sleep it off. They are better and back to normal the next morning, though a bit tired. I keep them crated or very quiet sitting or lying down next to me during and for the next day or so.

    It's very scary, but after the first evaluation showed nothing obviously wrong (like most seizures, hard to track down a cause) and the episodes were infrequent (maybe 6 or 7 occurring in Chumley's 10 years, and only one for Chainsaw, who's about 4), I just keep a close eye on them. When it's happening, I keep them in my lap or next to me, or, if they're agitated, crated for a bit. Then I use a simple protocol I saw on Youtube posted by a woman who claims it keeps her dog's seizures from getting out of control and even has stopped some -- and I do think it helps: Holding them close, stroking them and talking sweetly to them, calling them by name, giving them a command "Stay (or sit) with me, Chummy."

    Many seizure episodes are infrequent and don't escalate. If they do, though, there are pharmaceuticals the vet can prescribe if the seizures become severe, but they can be sedating and have side effects. In humans, cannabis is very effective and has long been used to stop or manage seizures, so if you're in a legal state you could try it, but I have just read some literature about it having a possible connection to causing seizures in dogs, so I wouldn't use it internally at all. I don''t know of any other herbal or alternative medicines, but hopefully some villagers might chime in.

    It's most likely that this is just a one-off event, you won't need anything and she'll be fine. Hoping that's so, and keep us posted.
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    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way, also this is a one time only thing and isn't anything serious.

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