Furbaby to go under for surgery
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Thread: Furbaby to go under for surgery

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    Default Furbaby to go under for surgery

    I am have a almost 2 and half year old little one name Smokey Bambini. When I rescued him he has a stomach full of worms and we found out he had a heart problem. He had to have a PDA surgery or they told us he would not make it to 1. They were going to neuter him and the same time but they said his breathing got bad and they ended up not doing it. He did amazing he even wanted to run around when I brought him home!! Then a month or so later we found out he had mange it took almost 7 months to treat that. But he did! He's a fighter. But last Friday I found a lump on his side and took him to his vet yesterday who recommends taking that spot off and neutering him at the same time… It will be the same surgeon that did his heart surgery. I can't help but to be freaking out right now and I would just love to hear some reassurance about neutering since I hear a lot of horror stories and I would love to have other Pug parents be praying for my Smokey this Thursday when he has his surgery. Thank you!!
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    What a road the two of you have walked.
    I love his name.

    At nearly two and a half, this little guy is fully mature - if you're going to neuter, you're doing it at the best possible time. It really is a routine procedure, it really should be fine. With them having experience with him specifically I'd feel even better, they know what to watch for if things start to go wrong - and you know they'll stop if they need to.

    Welcome to pug village :)

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    this is a simple surgery compared to the one he's already had! You trust the surgeon! I see all going well!!!

    You're a terrific pug mom!!! You're little boy will be back home in your arms in no time! Better to go under and have both done!!!
    Shayna Pugs
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    Welcome to Pug Village. Neutering is a pretty common surgery, but it's always nerve racking and scary when our fur babies have to put put under sedation. I'm sending out good thoughts and prayers that your little Smokey Bambini will come through just fine and that the lump proves to be nothing serious. Please keep up posted on how things go. This is a great website for support and knowledge about all things Pug.

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    Welcome to the Village. Neutering is much easier than spaying as they don't have to be under for as long. Sounds like you have an excellent vet, so I wouldn't worry too much. Smokey sounds like a tough little guy.
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    I love you baby girl.

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    Hello & to the village! Prayers the lump is nothing and his neuter goes without problems. Tinker has had several surgeries without issues. Glad to have you aboard.
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    Welcome to the Village and thank you for rescuing Smokey!
    I know how scary it can be when your furbaby is having surgery, especially with the issues that Pugs have with their breathing and anesthetic. I think the main things you would want to make sure is that Smokey's heart-rate and oxygen levels are monitored throughout the surgery, and that they leave the breathing tube in until he is almost awake. He should also be watched for signs of allergic reaction. The surgeon should know to use quick reversing anesthetics so that if there's a problem he can get it out of his system fast. There are lists of which medications are safest for brachycephalic breeds. Hopefully the doctor will be extra cautious considering the issues Smokey had during the first surgery. He probably knows all this stuff if he's worked with flat-faced breeds before. You may also want to ask him to assess Smokey's palate, trachea etc during surgery. My Pomeranian had trouble during surgery once and it turned out that her collapsing trachea had blocked the breathing tube somehow.... thankfully they were watching her oxygen levels and adjusted the tube.

    Of course, when Remy went for his neuter we worried about all these things and pestered the doc endlessly with questions...lol

    Remy did just fine......

    Prayers for an uneventful surgery and a quick recovery.

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