Split antlers are a rip off!
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Thread: Split antlers are a rip off!

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    Default Split antlers are a rip off!

    I bought Goobs a split anter and after like an hour, he already chewed a huge chunk off! I googled out of shock and found out that split anters last half as long as whole anters. I think even less! I went to petsmart to exchange it for a whole antler which SO MUCH BETTER. Honestly most of the whole anters have marrow exposed anyways which was enough to entice Goober to chew. Without further ado, here are pics of Goober's chomped of anter, new whole anter and bonus pics from before and after the dog park!

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    Great input... marketers get so many people to buy!

    ITM (a) I cut (saw) pieces off an old moose antler I picked up on one of horseback vacations periodically... the hounds love their pieces... but they generally ignore the big bit that's in the yard.. but SOMETHING out there (muskrat?) nibbles on it! HAHA (b) I love the collage of pics, esp the sleeping position of feet over head!
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    My two love their antlers too. I threw away one of those split ones when they got a hunk off it, made me nervous!
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