Possible Double Eye Amputation
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Thread: Possible Double Eye Amputation

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    Default Possible Double Eye Amputation

    Im hoping someone might be willing to talk. I took my pug into my vet on Tuesday after being concerned there was blood in the eye. What they found was a divot, where two layers of the eye were gone. He had been diagnosed with an ulcer some years before. A couple weeks prior to a vet visit, he suffered from a massive allergic reaction which had many places on his body including a lot of his face crust up with scabs. They stained both eyes, checked pressure reading and only one eye was critical. I was given three options; try medicine which only had 50% chance of working, travel to another province for special surgery which would likely be in the thousands, or remove the eye. I opted to try the medicine first and hes been on it for three days. I cannot afford the trip to the next province. I had decided that on my next visit if no sign of improvement, I would agree to the eye out. Today, the third day of receiving treatment, he now has a divot in the other eye and have noticed that in the last couple of days, his vision has deteriated greatly. Im extremely upset and scared that he might lose both eyes. I cant get into my vet until Monday. Id really love to hear from someone who has had both eyes removed and how the dog fared please. Thank you so much.

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    I am sorry that all this has happened, and I can hear how upset and frightened you are.
    Pugs do very well after enucleation and bilateral blindness is not uncommon. They see with their heart and with your eyes. 6 Beautiful Pugs has a bilateral enucleation at her house---here I have several who are blind and have no trouble finding the fridge.
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    My Brutus was blind and he did fine. He did become a demanding little booger though! He worked off my sympathy, and it worked like a charm! Pug hugs....
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    Prayers for you and your baby and hoping the medicine works. Several people here do have blind pugs and there is a post in the sticky on one of these forums here about taking care of blind pugs.

    Looks like you found it... https://www.pugvillage.com/forum/pug-...blind-dog.html
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    Our Bichon went blind in both eyes. When we first realized he was blind, we were far more upset then he seemed to be. There is a great website: The Blind Dog Website. There are many stories on the site by people with blind dogs, and a lot of helpful hints about how to help your dog get around.

    I hope you don't have to deal with it, but if you do, please bear in mind that unlike us, dogs don't read, watch TV, etc. So, unless they are working dogs, which Pugs are usually not, there are few things that they can't do blind that they could do with sight. Blind dogs use their noses to get around.

    No worry, if it happens, I am sure he will do just fine.

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    I'm so sorry you and your pug are going though this. Sending best wishes for a turnaround and for him to still have some vision.

    Lisa (6 Beautiful Pugs) on PugVillage has experience with a dog losing both eyes. Hopefully she will see this thread and post.
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