Yes thanks for everyones input. Ive rang 4 different local vets 1 being PDSA in Coventry. I am worried and ive told all the vets that i have called that I would rather him be examined proberly i.e. taking poo samples in etc to make sure everything is ok but because he is still active, eating and drinking there shouldnt be any problems. They did say if it does get worse or I keep seeing blood in his poo then to bring him in straight away. I am much happier now that there hasnt been any signs off blood in the poo and that he isnt pooing as much. Being new to the house, he probably is still nervous and change of diet etc doesnt help. Hopefully we have found a food that isnt as rich for him.

Im still going to take him vets on Saturday and if his poo hasnt improved, il take a sample