Health/positioning question!
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Thread: Health/positioning question!

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    Default Health/positioning question!

    The post recently by Linda's mum reminded me to ask this and see what people think.
    Will (as Linda obviously does) likes to chill out upside down on our chests. When he does, he kind of slumps andends up in almost an S-shape so his windpipe is curved if that makes sense because his head shuffles over to one side.
    He's straighter when he does it with me foe obviously reasons but with my boyfriend, he's quite curved.
    Someone the other day mentioned to my boyfriend that heshouldn't do it with him because it can't be good for Wills breathing or pressure on his neck (the comment wasn't fabulously received, let me tell you!)

    Do you agree? Any others do the same? I was thinking surely if Will wasn't comfy or struggling to breathe, he would move.
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    The OH does this with Barry and i will admit i dont like it. I think Barry stays like that because he wants to please but hes not comfy and i think it does squeeze them up inside.

    However the OH says if he didnt like it he would get down... :D
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    Pugs will get into the weirdest positions.

    I think it would be pretty evident to you if his breathing became laboured in that position, assuming he hadn't moved before that. All I do is make sure the head is well supported, as you would with a baby, if carrying or lifting him while they are on their back.
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    Pugs do seem to like to sleep in the oddest positions! Sometimes I look at them and think "that just CAN'T be comfortable!" But there they lay, happily dreaming while all scrunched up at odd angles.
    As Bella mentioned above, I would think that you would be able to hear/see if he was having trouble breathing. And if Will was uncomfortable, I'm sure he'd move.
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