Behaviour in heat.
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Thread: Behaviour in heat.

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    Default Behaviour in heat.

    Hi, I have a question about my Lucy being in heat (she just turned 7 months). I've never had a pet go into heat before so this is a new experience.

    She has been in heat for about a week now and for the past few days, she does not want to go for a walk. She seems initially excited but barely gets a few steps away from the house when she stops and refuses to move. She used to enjoy going for a walk and I enjoyed it as well. Could this be a in heat related issue?

    I have to admit on the other hand, we have been playing with a laser light with her which she LOVES to chase around. We have been thinking that she just wants to come home and play with the laser in the backyard even though we play with her with it often during a walk.

    We have decided to keep the laser away for a couple of days to see if that makes any difference with her desire to go for a walk but would really like to know if this is possibly behaviour related to being in heat.

    Thanks in advance. I'm very interested in everyone's thoughts or experiences.

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    When Kelsey was in heat she seemed a bit more calm, but not that big a difference. If she's in heat I would be very careful about taking her out or leaving her alone in your yard. She will attract any intact males in the area and you don't want an unplanned litter.

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