Constant scooting . . . Help !
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Thread: Constant scooting . . . Help !

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    Default Constant scooting . . . Help !

    My 4-year old female Pug "Gabby" constantly scoots across the floor non-stop. I take her in to the Vet periodically to have her anal glands
    expressed, but even after that she continues to scoot. Do you think there is something else wrong ? Could it be her "private area" that's bothering her and not her anal glands ? Help !

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    Hello & to the village! Sounds like glands. What are you feeding her? You can add pure canned pumpkin to firm up her stools so the glands will empty on their own. I'd also have a urine checked just in case. Glad to have you here!
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    Stormy does that too! When she does...I wash her vaginal area...and put some Benadryl cream on it. I might also give her a Benadryl pill. She's 18 lbs so she gets a whole one!

    Some dogs are more sensitive than others and even a little filling in the anal glands bothers them. The vets go at them from the inside. I do it at home from the outside. Sorta like milking a cow only it's working on the sides and starting just below the rectum.

    Welcome and would love to see a picture of y our Gabby!
    Shayna Pugs
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