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Thread: choking puppy

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    Quote Originally Posted by CinnamonC View Post
    I don't know if its the same where you are but during Hekate's 2nd round of puppy shots they gave us the option to include the kennel cough vaccination .
    the kennel cough vaccination is a bit like a flu shot - if you're going to kennel your dog it's a good idea, otherwise it just puts more strain on their immune system. It doesn't last - as quickly as the disease mutates or a new strain comes from somewhere else, it is rendered ineffective.
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    Ugh! When I brought Peekachoo home from the breeders at 3 months, unbeknownst to us, she was carrying kennel cough. The very next day, it ensued. Not only that but it was immediately passed on to I had two dogs with kennel cough. First called the breeder and she said that it may be due to the fact that she had some of her brood vaccinated a day prior...not too sure about that but I was livid! Called my vet and he asked that we not visit the clinic (highly contagious). He said that once the dog has contracted it, there is nothing to do except ride it out. If the cough was to become terribly problematic, the vet said he would have me come in "after-hours" for treatment. Luckily, it didn't get to the point of vomiting or very labored breathing but it was not a terribly fun three weeks! Here's hoping this is not the case for you! Good Luck.

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    Will be watching for an update from your visit!!!!

    Seeing it being a simple fix!

    I have to float my guys food! I have had them choke and fall over til I cleared them!!!!
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