From Black Belly to Pink Belly: Toby finds good health after years of toxicity
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Thread: From Black Belly to Pink Belly: Toby finds good health after years of toxicity

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    Default From Black Belly to Pink Belly: Toby finds good health after years of toxicity

    I had written earlier about our 6 year old pug Toby who was diagnosed with Liver Shunt at age 6 and had surgery 4 weeks ago. He has had black belly skin for years now. I had heard that some thought that was a sign of something wrong but others said it was just one of many colors a tummy could be on a pug. Well, I am here to say, that black is probably not normal. Since his surgery he has been enjoying good health for the first time in his life and the one sign we see that he is getting better is that his black belly and inner cheeks in his mouth have gone from all black to pink!! He is like a new dog! Healthy for the first time in his life and he's loving it!
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    superb news!
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    So glad to see. Minni and Ray have had nice pink bellies ever since going on raw diets.
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    That is wonderful news!
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    Hooray for Toby. I know it makes your heart happy to see him feeling and looking so good.
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    That is fantastic news. I'm so happy for Toby!

    We received your Christmas card in the mail today! Such cute pictures of your fur-family.
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