Infected anal glands, vomitting and unsettled?
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Thread: Infected anal glands, vomitting and unsettled?

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    Default Infected anal glands, vomitting and unsettled?

    Please help, My 5 month old Peanut has had some problems with his anal glands becoming impacted and not emptying by themselves , we've been getting them emptied by the vet but this time we took him the vet couldnt get any out and said they were infected, how did they become infected? He was given antibiotic injections and we were told to come back in 2 weeks, however, he vomitted this morning after his breakfast and hes been unsettled all day (sleepy but irritable) any ideas whats wrong? is it a reaction to the injection or is it just the infected glands? hate seeing my baby unwell :( I've been placing a warm wash cloth against his bottom as i've read this can help with the infection and also sooth the area, his bottom doesnt look irritated from the outside etc... so is there any point in the washcloth?
    Any information at all would be such a help...

    Lou and Peanut

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    Ruby my pug went through a terrible time with infected anal glands. The antibiotic could very well be causing the symptoms you describe, I would let the vet know asap. Ruby went through several antibiotics before the infection went away. Is peanut having any discharge or odor? Warm compresses to the area do help and Ruby's vet also prescribed an antibiotic cream for her butt as well. Let us know what the vet says and I hope it clears up faster than Ruby's did. Oh, welcome to the village too!

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    Sorry you're having this problem; I agree with the suggestion to call your vet as it could be a reaction to the drugs.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    Welcome to the Village!

    You have been given good advice!
    Shayna Pugs
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