Hi Guys,
My little peanut is having problems with his anal glands, needing emptied every 2 weeks!!! I'd prefer not to get them emptied this often as i know the more you empty them the less their bodies feel the need to empty them... hence making the problem worse, however I dont want them becoming infected again either! My vet is utterly useless when it come to advising us at all and the treatment isnt great either... its the best vet around the area that i live (has the best reputation) although they don't have a clue about pugs and aren't very helpful at all!! We just got told today that Peanut shouldn't have been put on such a strong dose of antibiotics for the infection he had a month ago and the vet said 'Hmm, I'm not really keen on pugs myself' (I'm sorry but thats just downright rude let alone professional)
I was wondering if anyone from Northern Ireland could reccommend a good vet, I dont mind having to travel aslong as my boy is getting good treatment and advice.... any suggestions at all would be so helpful!!

Louise and Peanut

*Pugs and Kisses*