Limping - caused by nail trim??
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Thread: Limping - caused by nail trim??

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    Exclamation Limping - caused by nail trim??

    Emmy went into the vet yesterday for anal sac expression, so I also got her nails trimmed. That was at about 10am. She came home, sat outside with us for a while, and seemed fine. Around 9pm I noticed her limping. It seemed almost as if she had stepped on something. I checked her foot and found nothing. She went potty once more that night and had stopped limping.

    This morning is bad. She won't put any pressure on the foot. Pulls away when I touch the suspected too-short nail. But I can't find any debris or sign of injury to the foot/paw pad. Also, she's had a quick exposed before (a bleeder. Done by me) and did not limp like this. The vet tech said she was good so I don't think she struggled and pulled a muscle or anything.

    It's Sunday and there isn't a vet in town open besides the emergency one. I'm taking her in tomorrow morning if she's still limping....

    In the meantime, does anyone have any advice? I tried soaking the foot (to maybe disloge debris) and she wouldn't really cooperate. Also tried dipping the nail in styptic powder, didn't seem to help.

    Thinking of wrapping it, for potty breaks.

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    I'd have her checked tomorrow......You can hold a warm rag on it. Also put some neosporine on it.

    Might be a simple pulled muscle....but if there's any infection, you want that treated quickly!

    See all being good!
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    I agree with Diane. A nail trimmed to short shouldn't cause limping for that long of a time. (Unless the pug is a diva)
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    I wonder if it might not have anything to do with the trim since she was ok for a while before she started limping. Could she have been stung by something when she was outside? My Ellie has been stung several times and limps afterward. Initially there's swelling but once it goes down its hard to see any sign of a sting.....

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    I hope she is better soon. It's also possible that she struggled while getting her nails trimmed and yanked her leg away from the person's grasp, causing a bit of a sprain.
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    My sweet Milo when he was with us began limping one day, but it seemed sporadic, however, the very next day when he began limping again, we went to the vet. They did some blood work and told us he had contracted Lyme... I would take your Emmy to the vet as soon as you are able.
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