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Thread: Glaucoma

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    Default Glaucoma

    My Xena (3 years old), has been having eye issues the last couple years. One eye was enlarged so I took her to vet. Initially, they looked for glaucoma but found no evidence. They stated it may have been trauma ( I suspect rough housing with her brother and sisters). I got drops that reduced her eye pressure and has been OK since. Now her other eye is enlarged. My question is has anyone experienced this? I really worried about glaucoma but it just seems shes too young.

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    I'm sorry that you and Xena are going through this.
    My first concern is have you taken her back to get the other eye checked by the vet? Eye issues can turn bad quickly in pugs and should be checked ASAP by a vet!
    Second question, is she wearing a collar or a harness for walking on a leash? If she is wearing a collar (or a harness with a high neck) she may be putting a lot of pressure on her eyes if she pulls on the leash. I would recommend that she wear a harness with a low neck for leash walking.
    Now, as for the glaucoma, I don't think there is anyway to know if that's what it is except for getting her eye pressure checked. A bulging eye could be caused by other things. I don't know a lot about glaucoma, but I tend to think of it as a problem for "older" dogs. So, out of curiosity, I looked it up online and found that there are multiple types of glaucoma. The inherited kind is called Primary Glaucoma and Wikipedia said this: "Primary glaucoma most commonly afflicts dogs at 3–7 years of age but can occur at any age." Here is an animal eye care website that has a detailed article about Glaucoma: Glaucoma @ Animal Eye Care Secondary Glaucoma is caused from inflammation, cataracts and other diseases of the eye.
    I hope your vet is able to find the cause and get her treatment so her vision is saved.
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