One-eyed pug complications???
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Thread: One-eyed pug complications???

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    Default One-eyed pug complications???

    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to pugvillage. I got my first ever pug puppy that I've wanted my whole life about a couple of months ago. He was about 6 months old. Shortly thereafter, when I was at a family member's home, their dog attacked my pug, and his eye fell out. Subsequently, we had him undergo ER surgery to put the eye back in, then later they decided it wasn't salvageable, so he had to go under again to remove the eye. Then, about a month later, a veterinary opthalmologist suggested to me that he have a medial and lateral canthoplasty surgery to close the corners of the one eye that he does still have to prevent that one from ever getting proptosed. Then he was neutered a couple of weeks ago, at which point they had to re-open the eye socket without the eye because apparently there was some glandular tissue that the surgeon who first removed the eye had accidentally left in there (because the eye socket was leaking every day). Fortunately, after 4 surgeries, he's really doing great now, and has adjusted really well to having one eye. The last one (hopefully) will be his last surgery for a while.

    I'm still extremely upset about him having one eye. Are there any long-term complications from dogs with one eye? Is there anything in particular that I should watch out for? I'm terrified that something will happen to his last eye when he gets older (like eye conditions that come with age) and he will become blind, or that one-eyed pugs might not live as long as two-eyed pugs for whatever reason. Do you think he knows he has one eye or is less happy because he has one eye? He acts like he doesn't even know it, because overall, he's a really happy pup (just a little shy--has always been like that since I first got him). Have any of you guys had a one-eyed pug that lived to be old and had a regular life span? I just want to make up to my pug for everything that he has gone through because he is literally like my kid and it still makes me feel really bad to think about it all these months later. I'm always trying not to cry thinking that my first ever pug puppy has already lost an eye

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    I adopted Sissi with only one eye she too had been attacked and lost her eye. AS for problems not that I have seen she does some issues:

    Cops an attitude and turns the right side to me so she can't see me if she is ignoring me! "Oh did you need something I didn't see you"

    Rolls over and gazes so sweetly with the one eye stealing my heart as she knows how to sucker me in!

    She sees fine watches TV and barks at horses, animals, so much so I can't even watch game shows! They adapt much better than humans do to differences.
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    Well said, Sassismom :)

    They can't compete in any AKC events (that's the American Kennel Club) aside from I think Rally Obedience, because their rules prohibits dogs with one eye from competing (so no AKC agility or flyball for you, but there are other organisations!). Practically speaking, your puggy may have issues with depth perception, but their nose is so much more important to them than their sight that it's really less of an issue than you might think :)

    For me, the biggest issue is convincing myself that they're not perpetually giving me a naughty wink!
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