My carpets are screaming in horror (and so am I!) I need HELP.
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Thread: My carpets are screaming in horror (and so am I!) I need HELP.

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    Default My carpets are screaming in horror (and so am I!) I need HELP.

    Dear pug people of the internet,

    So yesterday I got a pug. Yes, after stalking this site for perhaps too much time, envying many a pictures, and mostly missing my pug that passed away one year ago, I thought it was definitely time. And it definitely is! I am in love with all but ONE aspect of my new pup. Well, kind of a pup. She's 8 months old....and NOT POTTY TRAINED. I adopted her, and the foster home she was staying at said she would wait by the door when she needed to go. I didn't expect her to do that at all, but I at least expected her to go outside, you know, when I took her...

    I know she's not doing it to spite me but her favorite time to go pee seems to be distinctly the second after I bring her in after taking her out. Almost every single time this happens. HELP?! Is this normal? Please tell me it's normal....or at least that someone out there has had this. I need ideas. Preferably from someone who has experienced this and successfully, combated it, because I've been reading all over the internet but...there are a lot of ideas and I don't know which method to use.

    In conclusion, HELP.

    Thank you,

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    She's confused!!! She was where ever she got rescued from. Then got used to her foster home.....and now to you!!! Do you have a yard? If not, maybe she's not used to being on a leash.

    Always take food outside and when she potties outside give her a treat right away and PRAISE!!!! If she doesn't make, bring her in and put her in a crate for 5 min or so and do it again til she goes. It won't take that long for her to get the idea!!! You could also purchase an xpen. They have them at most pet would give her a small area ........Then just put her in and use whatever words you're going to use...I use "go make" or "go potty". Stay out til she does...then a treat...out of the xpen...lots of praise!!!!

    Thanks you for opening your heart to a rescue!
    Shayna Pugs
    Chairperson of PDCA Rescue Committee

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    LOL this is Normal...
    First The food should be out and wait till she "go potty" ... Dont play or let her busy till she do it she will understand that you wont play or let her in till then.
    Sometimes when they get busy outside they forget to do so and when they go back in and feel the calmness and quite place they do it or they just know its not playing time...

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    where in WA are you? We are in the Olympia area.
    You had her for one day and she's still a puppy. Here it also was raining today. She needs time to adjust.

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    It is normal, you've gotten good advice. We rolled up all of the rugs we could during potty training, it helps. :)
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