Pug weeing inside for attention.
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Thread: Pug weeing inside for attention.

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    Default Pug weeing inside for attention.

    Hello PugVillage, my pug puppy Neo decides to go toilet inside the house by weeing on the wall when the pack leader of our human pack leaves.Whenever she goes upstairs to do whatever she needs to do he wees inside.We try to prevent it by using those sprays and by keeping a close on eye in him, but still he manages to do it.
    However he does not wee inside when other people leave him and go upstairs and he just sits and waits quietly until we come back.But with the pack leader he bangs and scratch's at the baby gate and he whines and wees on the walls purely for attention so she comes down.We have tried staying longer upstairs to show it doesn't work if he wee's everywhere but he just does more and more.
    He also becomes sad when the pack leader goes upstairs and even when other people are Downstairs to supervise and stay with him, he will sit there and sulk or go sleep and lie down..
    Any help will be appreciated.Thanks!
    How do we fix this problem?
    This is the major thing that is stopping him from becoming fully toilet trained.
    The pack leader now has to be with neo constantly to avoid the hastle of him whining and crying and weeing.

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    take Neo out right before your pack leader leaves.....
    personally I don't believe animals do this for attention.....
    maybe also get Neo checked for a urinary tract infection
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