Pet steps/ramps?
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Thread: Pet steps/ramps?

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    Default Pet steps/ramps?

    So about 2 months ago, my pug had a minor back injury. He was put on steroids and strict rest and all is well now (knock on wood...thank God). When I went to my vet, she had said because of his age (he's 7) and his breed, to try to limit his jumping up and down on high places, like on and off couches and beds.

    So I bought those pet steps at Petsmart. He's been leery of steps since he was a puppy so between that and the fact of him not being used to it, it's not working out. I'm trying to train him with treats and bribe him, but not having much success.

    Has anyone else bought any kind pf steps/ramps and had success? Any ideas of how to train him before I return these steps?

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    yes I have pet just have to keep on it with the treats.....make it a fun thing

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    We added steps/ramps a couple of years ago and it took a while before both of our pugs got used to the steps, but now they use them consistently. As mentioned above, train it to be a fun "game" with treats. Also, you might want to look at different styles of steps.... perhaps the kind you got are too narrow or steep? We started out just using some stacked couch cushions (from our camper) as steps up to the living room couch. They are wide and soft, but stable and the pugs hopped right up on them. After a while, we added some store-bought steps for a different chair and we also have a ramp outside for our deck. Nilla took to all the steps/ramps very quickly, but Wonka took longer.... for a long time (months) he was consistently using the steps to go UP, but wanted to jump down (precisely what we did NOT want!). Eventually he began to use them both going up and down.
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