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    My 11 year old pug is constantly scratching with his hind legs. Nonstop! He also spins around while sitting on his tail trying to catch and in the process hurt his hind legs. When he shakes, his hind legs buckle. I took him to the Vet and he put him on a steroid to strengthen his legs. It help, but Spike has been off the steroid a few days and his back to spinning and constantly scratching! Now his back legs once again and buckling when he shakes. Help! Any ideas why he is doing this or what could be making him scratch so much and want to spin.

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    I'm guessing he might have a flea, and the spinning could mean his anal glands need to be expressed. check him with a flea comb every time he comes in from outside. That's our routine, Louie gets checked 3X a day minimum. Saturday I found one flea. Sunday I found two and today I found four. I know they are new because he gets checked, double checked and triple checked every time......
    I think the fleas are just super wicked recently because of the heat and humidity.

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