New puppy ongoing diarrhea
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Thread: New puppy ongoing diarrhea

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    Default New puppy ongoing diarrhea

    Hi there, this is my first post on this site, and I am looking for help for my baby pug.
    I have been a pug owner for the past 13 years, and a dog owner all of my life.
    I have a 6 month old pug puppy that I got when he was 4 months old. The breeder/seller was feeding him table scraps and other not so good food, and his poop was fine when I bought him home.
    Now that I have moved him to a standard diet (Merrick Puppy) mixed with Merrick dry food, his poop has gone very soft, diarrhea almost constantly.
    He is fed once in the AM and once in the PM, I evenly divide the portions to ensure he is not overeating or eating so much that he is in any distress. I purchased a special bowl to ensure that he eats slower and does not gulp his food so that he can properly digest what he is fed.
    I changed his diet to boiled rice with boiled chicken, and he was seeming to have firmer and better poops, but then I started mixing in the dry Merrick again and it changed back.
    I have since returned the food to the store (Petco), and have kept him on a straight rice & chicken (Both boiled) diet until 2 days ago.
    At that time I changed his diet upon the recommendation of another pet store owner (Wags 'N Washes) to a diet that was supplemented with Tripett Green Lamb Tripe. I was told that this would help with his digestion and balance the enzymes in his gut.
    Since I have been using this his poop has not improved, and today is seemed that he pooped custard. If anything, it seems to have gone softer since I started using the new Tripett food.
    I will be moving him back to the boiled rice and chicken diet this evening.
    He is exhibiting no lethargy, no intense urine, urinating properly and not excessively, and is acting normal, playing with my other pug (Elderly 13 in good health), and is sleeping normal; absolutely no outward symptoms of any infection or other issue.
    I have had him vaccinated (4 weeks and a return 2 weeks ago). His is currently not fixed, not chipped, and has no other symptoms of any kind.
    I am concerned about the ongoing poop issue and don't know what I should do with his diet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    well any time you change food you should do it gradually because changing all at once will usually cause some issues. That could be part of it. Including some apple in his diet could firm up his poop, but I think with a pup that young I would bring a poop sample to the vet to check for any type of parasite. They can get dehydrated also with diarrhea so I think a vet check is in order.

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    Pet stores are in the business of selling and have no medical training at all. Take puppy in tomorrow, ask for a fecal for parasites and get on the puppy plan for shots, microchipping and all. Dehydration is deadly business in puppies and the trip tomorrow is really important. Let us know what happens.
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    As stated above, abruptly changing dog food can cause diarrhea and upset tummy, however to the extent your describing I would be more worried for intestinal parasites. If puppies vaccinated and eating/behaving normally I wouldn't think parvo, but after several days of diarrhea I would take straight to your veterinarian. Best wishes of recovery!

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