Holly Belle Christmas Update!
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Thread: Holly Belle Christmas Update!

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    Default Holly Belle Christmas Update!

    Hello everyone!

    It's bee quite a bit of time since I logged on here and a lot has changed in the mean time. Holly has really been adjusting well. We're almost at a full year since her adoption and I think it's safe to say that her full personality has really started to come through and shine. First and foremost, she's very...very dramatic. For the longest time, we could barely get her to take any treats or eat with any kind of regularity. Lately (last 3-4 months), she's been food driven and not hesitant at all to flash her big puggy eyes and if she's ignored, she'll let you know for sure that she's still there.

    Since I last posted, we've had a lot going on. I took another job in a different town about an hour away from where we had been living. Holly did well with the move and changes. For the first month, I was commuting with her to and from the new job and dropping her off at my mother-in-law's for the day. We finally found a new home and moved in September last year. Holly is a huge fan of her new home. There is a lot more room to explore, and she has her own doggy door and fenced in dog run area. She likes to go outside and makes sure the neighborhood knows that she's there. She also has a 1 year old pug neighbor. She's not a huge fan of her, because she is way more energetic than Holly because she's still a puppy. The move also put us closer to my wife's family. We're all in the same town now, so when we go do things around town, it's easier to plan around Holly being home alone, especially since she's able to go outside and potty on her own. Holly also loves "Grandma" (my mother-in-law) and gets almost more excited to see her when she visits than she is to see us some days. However, she's still really excited when mom and dad get home.

    I've also realized that a lot of the "issues" I thought we had with Holly had a lot to do with my own anxiety and being unhappy with my prior employment. I think my new job, our move and new situation is beneficial for everyone involved. I'll include a few pictures of Holly for everyone to enjoy!

    I do have a question (if anyone is still reading), haha. As I mentioned before, we have a dog run area and a doggy door for her to come and go as she please. However, there are days, if I can't make it home from work that she'll go 8-9 hours without going to the bathroom. Even though she's going outside a couple of times a day to bark at various things she sees walking by the house (we live on a corner lot). She almost relies on a walk to go to the bathroom, which I'm sure stems from when we first got her and I walked her at least 3 times a day because we didn't have a way of letting her outside in our yard to potty. Are there any suggestions on how to (re)train her to use her dog run area for the bathroom. We'll still go on walks, but I'd like to be a little more confident that if we had to be gone for 8-10 hours, she would potty on her own instead of holding it.


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    I love the pictures. Holly is so cute! And I'm glad to hear that she is adjusting well to the new home.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of allowing dogs to come and go from a dog door when no one is home to supervise... to many things could happen (a loose dog gets inside the fence or a raccoon, for example) and I'm a worrier! But, that aside, if she's not willing to potty without a walk, I wonder if you could find someone to take Holly for a mid-day walk while you are at work? Maybe your mother-in-law? Or, possibly even the neighbor, since they have a pug?

    If that's not really an option, I would suggest re-training her to potty in the yard as if she was a puppy, by making it really rewarding when she does go. Take her out in the yard and stand there and encourage her to go potty, then if/when she does, give her lots or praise and some yummy treats. If you keep this up, eventually she'll be going in the yard by herself and you can start phasing out the treats. Since she's not a puppy and has her own habits, it may take time and patience though.
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    Holly sure is pretty! Congratulations on your new job & home!

    Rugby 7/10/02 - 9/28/15 Miss you, little girl! You're always in my heart!

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    Congrats on your new job, move and new home. Wonderful update to read. Love the photos - Holly is such a pretty Puggie girl. I am also a worrier and never let my companions outside unless I am with them. One of my biggest fears is that someone would take them and I would never see them again.
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    I would suggest locking the dog door when you were out, a few years ago a family member lost everything of consequence when a thief entered their home through the dog door. And dog theft is a genuine issue here. She is very pretty, and seems to have the situation well under her control.

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    Great pics! Thank you for sharing.
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